When Doll Clothes Meet Fur: The Healing Power of American Girl Outfits for an Unexpected Recipient

Whilst out and about, we came across a small cat that had some nasty wounds on its back. Unexpectedly, the only thing that appeared to soothe it was dressing it up in American Girl Doll clothing. It was charming to see how much happier it became when wearing them, and it even started to purr with delight!


As soon as the team at Noah’s Ark Animal Welfare Association laid eyes on the little ginger kitten, they could tell he needed immediate medical attention and a lot of TLC. Apparently, a local resident had found him wandering as a stray in their county, in a sad condition with painful wounds covering his back and belly, as well as suffering from URI. Despite being malnourished, frail, and exhausted, the kitten never ceased purring and remained friendly whenever the vet or staff tried to help him. Dr. Falduto, who was an outstanding veterinarian, had to shave some of his fur to treat the wounds on his back and belly, which turned out to be caused by exposure to acid. He also provided care for the kitten’s URI. Even though he had been through a traumatic experience, this brave kitty still craved affection and showed a gentle nature. That’s how he got his name – Courageous.


As per the statement by Noah’s Ark, Courageous is a feline that enjoys suckling, kneading, and purring. As he was recuperating, he took comfort in snuggling with Kim Riddle, who holds the position of Executive Director at the shelter. He would knead on a soft blanket and purr blissfully while she went about her work.


Courageous made an impressive recovery from his respiratory infection and regained his appetite thanks to the love and care he received. Riddle made the decision to take the kitten home to foster him. McKenzie, the youngest member of the family, was eager to make Courageous feel more comfortable. She put on her thinking cap and came up with a clever plan.


McKenzie had a collection of attire for her beloved American Girl doll, and it occurred to her that her feline companion, Courageous, was quite similar in size to the toy. She decided to experiment by clothing the kitten in the doll’s clothes, hoping to offer him some comfort and warmth. To her delight, as soon as she dressed Courageous in the shirt, he began to purr blissfully. He was so relaxed and at ease in his new outfit that he even dozed off right next to the doll.


Courageous was grateful for the love and care he received from his foster family and made sure to cherish every moment spent with them. Being a part of a big family brought him joy, and he never took their affection for granted. The foster family shared that Courageous had come a long way since they first met him, now being healthy and content, and purring away happily. Although they mentioned that he still had a habit of suckling quite frequently, Courageous continued to make strides in his progress and relished spending time with his caring family.


After discovering Courageous, he completely transformed into a happy and thriving cat in just a few weeks! It’s amazing how much he purrs now and how much love he has to give.


This cute little cat is probably excitedly waiting for Santa to come with a long list of dolls in mind. But let’s face it, the real reason behind this request is to get some new clothes to steal.


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