“Whisker Buddies for Life: A Touching Story of Two Kittens Saved from a Car Dealership”

The feline was overjoyed to hang out with a recently acquired kitten found at the auto store. It’s nearly impossible not to fall in love with these adorable creatures!

calico kitten friends

About a month ago, Erica Whitsell, who is a veterinary tech and advocate for kitten rescue got an urgent call for assistance. The caller informed her about a little kitten that was found in a car dealership without its mother. The kind finders waited for a while, hoping the mother would return, but unfortunately, it didn’t happen. Upon hearing about the kitten’s situation, Erica took quick action and decided to take the kitten under her care. She commended the finders for seeking help and wasted no time in nurturing and looking after the adorable feline.

orphan kitten sleeping

While wandering around a car lot, Erica Whitsell was lucky enough to find a charming little kitten that she decided to name Parker. Despite being only 5-6 days old, Erica was concerned about Parker’s alarmingly low weight and size compared to the average newborn kitten. It was evident that Parker had not had a decent meal in quite some time and was nothing but skin and bones. Though hesitant at first, Erica provided Parker with a cozy bed to sleep in and started feeding her every few hours using a bottle.

sweet tiny kitten

Erica Whitsell is experiencing a sense of relief as her baby, Parker, has successfully acquired the skill of taking in formula milk by latching onto the bottle. Parker is now utilizing this newly learned skill by enthusiastically drinking the nourishing liquid. Erica is optimistic that Parker’s eagerness to feed will aid him in making up for the missed meals.

kitten snuggly blankets

Parker opened her eyes and found herself in an unfamiliar place, which was a new adventure for her. The calico cat named Phoebe, who lived in the house, became curious upon hearing the sound of a new kitten and started watching the young feline from outside the enclosure. Although they haven’t been properly introduced, Phoebe showed great care and interest in the new family member.

kitten meets cat

Erica Whitsell has mentioned that Phoebe spent extended periods of time near Parker’s enclosure, closely watching the little one crawl and move around. She held a keen interest in her tiny friend and eagerly anticipated the day when Parker would be big enough to play outside the pen.

calico kitten friends

Erica Whitsell reported that Parker made remarkable progress during his stay with a foster family lasting for two weeks. He became livelier and more excited while playing with his new friend, displaying no indication of being timid or hesitant. Phoebe, who met Parker face-to-face for the first time, was thrilled with the experience.

calico split face kitten

According to Erica Whitsell, who spoke to Love Meow, Phoebe showed immediate concern and fondness for Parker when they first met. Erica also shared that Phoebe has been teaching Parker how to behave like a regular kitten since he had only been around humans and had no feline siblings. This includes learning how to play correctly and recognizing other cats’ non-verbal communication.

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Parker has found the ideal mentor in Phoebe, who has been introducing her to some amazing cat tricks while keeping her amused with fun activities. With Phoebe’s help, Parker has mastered the art of using the litter box like a pro. It’s evident that Phoebe has developed a fondness for the furry little kitten and is constantly encouraging her to explore new experiences and enjoy herself.

calico cat split face kitten

With the help of her caring foster mother and the constant support of Phoebe, Parker has accomplished many remarkable things. In the midst of their thrilling adventures, they also take breaks to snuggle up and comfortably drift off into a restful slumber.

cat hugs kitten

Currently, Erica is having a teachable moment with her cat Phoebe and her kitten about the importance of setting boundaries. It seems that the kitten has been quite active lately, but Erica has remained composed throughout the situation. She’s doing a fantastic job of showing Parker how to behave properly around other feline creatures.

kitten wrestles calico cat

happy sleepy kitten friends

Hey, how about we help spread the word about Parker and Phoebe’s heartwarming story, along with other foster animals cared for by Erica? By sharing on her page, we can help these lovable creatures find their forever homes. Let’s make a difference together!

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