Wild Boar Saved From The Wild Believes It’s A Part Of The Family Pack, Shadowing Them At All Times

Having wild animals living with you in your house can be a delightful experience. These creatures can quickly adjust to their new environment and develop an affectionate bond with their human companions. It’s not uncommon for them to form strong friendships with other animals in the household, regardless of their species or size. Indeed, true friendship knows no boundaries, even among our furry friends.

In this story, we meet Yezhu, a young wild boar who was abandoned in a box outside Dora Wei’s home one morning. Yezhu was just a few hours old and had been separated from her mother.

Dora, who resides in the Hill Country of Sri Lanka, has encountered various wild animals in her surroundings. Despite this, she couldn’t believe her eyes when a wild boar showed up at her doorstep. Showing compassion towards the helpless animal, Dora and her boyfriend decided to take the piglet under their care. They set up a cozy sleeping space for her inside their house and made sure she stayed warm with the help of hot water bottles.

The photograph is credited to Dora Wei.

Dora Wei found herself in a bit of a pickle when she stumbled upon a baby boar named Yezhu. Despite having no prior experience in taking care of wild animals, she knew that neglecting the helpless creature was not an option. So, she took it upon herself to do some research and ask around for tips on how to properly tend to Yezhu’s needs.

Dora Wei discovered that the baby boar required feeding every hour during the initial four weeks of her life. Together with her boyfriend, they decided to take charge of the situation. The couple displayed their kindness by taking turns to feed the boarlet whenever she woke up or expressed discomfort. As a result of their dedication and affection, Yezhu grew up into a healthy animal.

Dora shared that taking care of the wild boar was similar to looking after a baby. She found it fascinating that the boar quickly became friends with their four pet dogs. The boar developed a unique bond with the Labrador, often following and snuggling up next to him. It seemed like the little boar just couldn’t get enough of her furry siblings.

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The photograph credit goes to Dora Wei. Meet Yezhu, an affectionate and well-behaved female pup. She had a cordial disposition towards all her canine companions and considered herself a part of their pack. Despite having a cozy home in the garden, Yezhu preferred to join her siblings inside the house for some quality time together.

The cute little piglet had a disability in one of her eyes, which meant that she couldn’t be set free in the wild once she gained enough strength and maturity. Fortunately, she found a loving and nurturing family who took good care of her. This wild boar has definitely won the hearts of many!

The photo credit goes to Dora Wei, with a hat tip to The Dodo for featuring it.

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