A Feline Delight: Abandoned Kittens with Wobbly Feet Melt Hearts as They Seek Comfort and Affection from a Kindhearted Woman

Two little kittens with unsteady feet were born outside and discovered comfort in the arms of a caring woman as they tried to win her love.

In Nashville, Tennessee, a cat rescue organization called Saving Stevie recently rescued two grey kittens named Cyrus and Nova. These adorable little cats were born to a stray mother in a rural area and had taken refuge in a family’s barn. However, they soon caught the attention of Saving Stevie volunteers when it became apparent that they had trouble with coordination and movement. Foster volunteer Brianna Barker explained that from the start, it was clear that these kittens needed extra care. Fortunately, Saving Stevie was happy to take them in and arranged for suitable foster homes for both Cyrus and Nova. Despite their challenges, these two kittens are playful and love nothing more than to snuggle up with their human companions.

Meet Cyrus and Nova, the two most adorable kittens you’ll ever lay your eyes on. These two little furballs share a common condition known as Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH), which is a painless and non-progressive neurological issue. According to Saving Stevie, this condition typically occurs when the mother cat contracts panleukopenia while pregnant, and it passes down to the unborn kittens. Luckily, Brianna was contacted to foster Cyrus and Nova, who were born with CH, while another volunteer took in their siblings. As a first-time caregiver to special-needs kittens, Brianna was thrilled to take care of the wobbly duo and appreciated the trust that Saving Stevie placed in her.

When the siblings were first picked up, they were a little nervous. But, after a comfortable trip and some time to get used to their new surroundings, Cyrus and Nova started to feel more relaxed and safe. They quickly adapted to their cozy indoor life and approached each day with excitement. Nothing could stop them from having fun, not even a fall. They bounced right back up like pros and kept going.

Cyrus is an energetic and mischievous little feline who just loves to have fun. He always seems to be bursting with energy whenever he’s around people, and he can’t resist seeking out their attention and joining in on some playtime. Brianna, who shared Cyrus’ story with Love Meow, explains how his head bobs in that typical CH fashion as soon as he catches sight of someone, and he’ll quickly scoot over to them in excitement. Cyrus is a friendly little chap who adores being held, often showing his appreciation by purring loudly. He’s never met a stranger, and he’s always eager to make new friends.

Cyrus, a happy-go-lucky kitten, has discovered a distinctive way of getting around by hopping. On the other hand, Nova is a loving feline who adores spending time with her humans and enjoys being cuddled, spoiled, and lulled to slumber. Nova is recognized for being the affectionate member of the family, and she always lives up to that image.

Cyrus and Nova displayed strong motivation to learn and grow, while enjoying their journey. They never noticed any dissimilarities between themselves and others. Upon entering foster care, they effortlessly adjusted and felt a sense of belonging in the household.

These cuddly beings love to be doted on and showered with affection by their owners. Their playful nature is infectious and they live each moment as if it were their last. When picked up, they curl up into a ball and relish every second of snuggles with their human companions. Brianna, who has provided a special haven for these furry friends to thrive in, fell in love with them when she noticed how content and joyful they were in her care. It’s safe to say that these adorable creatures have completely won over her heart.

Recently, Brianna gave Cyrus and Nova a permanent home after they completed their time in foster care. Saving Stevie, who was involved, feels assured that the two feline companions will be showered with love and attention for the rest of their lives.

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