A Touching Story: Park Rescued Kitten Finds a New Family with a Cat and Her Litter of Six

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A basket with a kitten inside was discovered at a park. In no time, a mother cat and her six kittens welcomed the little newcomer into their family.

newborn orphan kitten

The story of Rerun the kitten@fostercatsfordays is one of a heavily pregnant cat who was brought into Animal Control, but before a local rescue could take her in, she gave birth to six kittens inside her kennel. Luckily, the rescue took them all in the next day, and the mother, Lucy, settled right into her foster home. She was so sweet that it was clear that she must have been a pet at some point, despite being found outside and covered in filth. Lucy was thrilled to have a comfortable space to raise her kittens, and she has been purring non-stop ever since she arrived.

sweet calico cat

Lucy, the feline mom behind the Instagram handle @_catz4life_, initially struggled to get enough nourishment for her six adorable kittens. However, with the help of proper nutrition and loving care, Lucy slowly regained her strength and appetite. Now, her little ones named Pigpen, Linus, Charlie, Patty, Woodstock, and Snoopy can sleep soundly on their mama’s full belly.

cat mom sleeping kittens

Lucy’s kittens were getting more milk from their mom as soon as Lucy started eating more. Aimee, who took them in, received affectionate behavior from Lucy, such as purring and rubbing against her. Whenever Lucy needed a break from her babies, she would climb onto Aimee’s lap and stretch her toes while being petted.

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Hey, guys! Let me tell you a story about a cute little kitten. Two days back, the rescue center received a call about a small kitty found in a basket at a park. Shockingly, the kitten was left alone with a half-empty bottle and no one came to claim him. It seemed like somebody had abandoned him there to die. Fortunately, the kind-hearted finder brought him to the rescue center for help.

kitten found in park

When Rerun was discovered in a basket at a local park, the folks at Fostercatsfordays knew they had to act fast. At just a few days old, this tiny kitten needed constant care and attention. That’s why they decided to introduce him to a nursing mother cat, hoping she would take him under her wing.

Fortunately, Lucy was more than up to the task. As soon as she heard the little kitten’s meows, she came running over to investigate. Without hesitation, she started cleaning Rerun from head to toe, just like he was one of her own babies.

Thanks to Lucy’s motherly instincts and dedication, Rerun had a fighting chance at survival. And with the help of his foster family, he was able to grow and thrive into a happy, healthy kitten. So, it was a rewarding and heartwarming experience for everyone involved.

cat accepts kitten

Lucy didn’t hesitate to take in the little one and began looking after him. “@_catz4life_,” shared Aimee gratefully, “she welcomed this orphaned peanut into her fold. We’re immensely grateful to her for providing a loving home.” The baby, named Rerun after the Peanuts’ youngest character, was introduced to their family nest. Lucy lay on her side to let the little guy nurse.

kitten nursing cat

Rerun was overjoyed to finally have a mom to call his own with the Instagram handle @catz4life. He showed his excitement by kneading Mama’s belly with fervor. It didn’t take long for him to become part of the family, snuggling up with his new siblings in a cute and cozy cuddle-puddle. Lucy, his new feline sister, was smitten with Rerun and showered him with affection along with her own offspring.

kittens sleeping cuddle

@_catz4life_ shared a heartwarming moment on their social media account. Rerun, the newest addition to the clowder of cats, was seen napping with his siblings. Rerun is the youngest among them, and he needs extra care to ensure that he receives enough food as he is smaller than the rest. Aimee has taken the initiative to supplement Rerun’s diet, while Lucy takes care of the others. Although Rerun’s mother has accepted him, he struggles to compete for milk from his siblings. Therefore, Aimee bottle-feeds him to ensure that he gets enough to eat. The adorable kitten took to the bottle immediately.

kitten bottle feeding

Cat lover Lucy enjoys observing Rerun chug down his bottle while she waits to clean up his cute little face. She can’t help but wonder who bottle-fed him before he came into her life and is excited to co-parent him with Mama Lucy.

sweet kitten kiss

@_catz4life_ shared that Rerun is a tiny kitten with a powerful motor that vibrates with every purr after being fed. The little one is still very young, only about a week or ten days old, and is on the brink of opening his eyes.

kitten nursing on cat

Thanks to the support of numerous individuals and a loving feline, Rerun is thriving and making notable progress while enjoying cuddles all day long. He’s fortunate to have a large family by his side and two mothers who are nurturing him and witnessing his growth.

kitten nursing on cat

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