Unexpected Find: A Caring Cat Leaves Six Kittens in a Flower Box for a Surprised Family

Do you follow Love Meow on Facebook? Recently, a family was pleasantly surprised when they discovered a total of six adorable kittens inside a flower box. The real kicker? It was later revealed that a mama cat had carefully transported them there!

snuggly kittens pile

@comrescuemontreal’s recent post shares the heartwarming story of Chantal and her family who have been actively caring for the community cats in their neighborhood. They provide food and shelter, particularly during harsh winters. One fine day, while tending to her garden, Chantal stumbled upon a remarkable discovery. She found six adorable kittens snuggled up in a fur pile at the bottom of one of her flower boxes. To her surprise, she noticed a stray cat standing guard near the box, as if it had been watching over the kittens all along. This goes to show how even animals can exhibit protective and nurturing behavior towards other creatures!

kittens flower box

According to @comrescuemontreal, the feline that showed up in the garden was actually the mother of the adorable kittens. It seems like Chantal has a soft spot for cats in the area and does what she can to assist them. It’s possible that the mama cat knew about Chantal’s kindness and decided to bring her little ones to the safe haven as well.

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Gerbett@comrescuemontreal noticed that the flower box was quite tall, and it seemed like the cat had taken her kittens in one by one to keep them safe from the harsh outside environment. To provide a more secure space for the mom and her babies, Chantal reached out to ChatonsOrphelinsMontreal, a local animal rescue, and volunteered to foster them until they were old enough to be adopted.

kittens found flower box

@comrescuemontreal took in six adorable little balls of fur and brought them into her house. However, the mother was still outside, having lived as a stray for a while. Although she was a bit cautious around humans, she wasn’t aggressive at all. Despite her efforts to lure the mom inside with treats, @comrescuemontreal realized she needed to try a different approach.

stray cat mother outside

According to @comrescuemontreal, Gerbett’s rescuer came out holding one of her kittens. As soon as she saw this, Gerbett rushed over to take care of her baby. Chantal then carefully led Gerbett into her home and provided a special room for the family of seven. The rescue named the mother cat Gerbett.

cat mom kittens nursing

The moment the kittens laid eyes on their mother, they eagerly gathered around her and began to nurse. Gerbett, having been provided with nutritious food, soft blankets, and a comfortable bed, slowly grew more comfortable around her rescuer and even sought out affection. It was as if she knew that Chantal was there to lend a helping hand. Eventually, the entire family was reunited and felt safe under a roof, purring contentedly in harmony.

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In the coming weeks, Gerbett nurtured her six cats and transformed them into content and lively creatures. By imparting feline abilities and observing every milestone they achieved, she witnessed their growth. Moreover, Gerbett grew fond of human interaction and relished their affectionate attention. She was an affectionate cat who loved to give headbutts frequently.

sweet cat attention

According to @comrescuemontreal, the cat in question is a unique breed of feline that behaves like a dog. She adores company and constantly follows her humans around, eager to be part of their daily activities. She is very vocal and loves to communicate with her people, sharing the details of her day. Despite her age, she retains her playful spirit, behaving like a kitten. As her kittens grow more independent, Gerbett is happy to spend more quality time with her humans, taking a keen interest in their doings and wanting to participate in the fun.

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The cute little kittens are roughly three months old and are now ready to explore the world. Luckily, two of them have already found their new permanent home, where they will grow and thrive together. The other kittens are currently under the loving care of foster parents who are eagerly waiting for them to find their forever homes as well.

snuggly kittens pile

According to @comrescuemontreal, Gerbett made a wise decision by bringing her kittens to a safe haven which eventually transformed their lives for good. Despite enduring the hardships of life on the streets and successfully raising six kittens, she has now decided to retire from motherhood and relish the pleasures of being pampered as an indoor cat.

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“Com Rescue Montreal” is the Twitter handle for a rescue organization located in Montreal, Quebec.

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