Brotherly Love: Abandoned Cats Found Embracing on Family’s Porch

In Sherwood, Arkansas, a couple was providing food to a group of feral cats when they noticed the arrival of two unfamiliar cats. These cats were unusually friendly and had clearly interacted with humans before, but their physical state was pitiful and weak. The couple immediately took action upon discovering the cats and rescued them from their dire situation. Read on to learn more about the touching story of these two brother cats who share an unbreakable bond.

Unfamiliar Visitors
A colony of feral TNR cats in Sherwood, Arkansas has been under the care of Sarah Richardson, a volunteer at Community Cats of Central Arkansas. She and her husband have been feeding and looking after the cats for several months now, and as a result, they know each cat well. However, one day, two cats showed up that they had never seen before. These mysterious visitors seemed to appear out of nowhere and caught Sarah’s attention.

Sarah mentioned that she had begun the act of feeding the animals and noticed that they were quite friendly. However, she also observed that their condition was not good. In an effort to help them, Sarah continued to feed them with the intention of trapping and providing them with the necessary treatment.

Evaluating the Situation
Sarah’s plan went well as she managed to capture the cats and bring them to a secure and nurturing environment.
After getting them settled in, she gave them names – Angus for the grey cat with a crumpled ear and Midnight for the black one.
However, when Sarah checked on their physical condition, it saddened her to see how much suffering they had endured for a long time.

Angus and Midnight were in dire straits due to dehydration and parasite infestations which had severely impacted their health. Their condition was so bad that they could barely manage to walk. Midnight was so weak and famished that Sarah had to physically lift him up to move him. Luckily, Sarah spotted them just in time as they wouldn’t have been able to survive on their own for much longer.

Brothers in Need of Healing
The two siblings showed clear signs of a challenging life spent surviving on the streets. Angus, in particular, had an ear that looked and felt unusual. Upon closer examination, the veterinarian determined that his injury was a result of improper healing. It seemed like Angus had been attacked by another animal, leaving him with a hematoma that caused his ear tissue to grow abnormally, ultimately folding over itself.

Although Midnight appeared fine at first, he was actually experiencing a painful injury just like the other horse. According to Sarah, Midnight had wire lodged beneath his tail, which required careful removal and treatment to heal the resulting infection.

The journey towards healing started once the brothers were saved. Sarah’s unwavering dedication played a significant role in bringing them back to life. She made sure that the cats had enough fluids and monitored their eating and drinking habits. They received treatment for their parasites, got vaccinated, and underwent neutering.

After taking antibiotics for a few weeks, Angus finally got rid of his ear infection and was ready for adoption. Sarah was thrilled to see these adorable brothers make a full recovery and find a new home. However, there was more to these brothers than meets the eye. It turns out they were hiding a mystery that was yet to be uncovered.

Sarah was determined to find the right adopter who would appreciate Angus’s unique ears. Luckily, she found someone who was responsible and willing to take care of him all the way from Texas. Her husband met with the woman and handed over Angus to her, eager for his next chapter in life.

Angus’s new guardian observed that he would wander around the house crying. Initially, she believed that he was just adapting to his unfamiliar surroundings. However, after a while, she sensed that something else might be troubling him. The lady contacted Sarah and inquired if Angus’s behavior was typical.

In the meantime, Midnight wandered aimlessly around the house, whimpering and sobbing. His behavior was out of the ordinary after Angus left, and Sarah was quick to figure out why. “I realized what was happening when I found out that Angus was also crying. They were missing each other. Angus and Midnight are inseparable,” Sarah explained. Although the adopter adored Angus, it was heart-wrenching to see the cats unhappy without each other. As a result, the woman returned Angus to Sarah, and the brothers were joyfully reunited!

The Unique Connection
The relationship between Angus and Midnight has a unique history that dates back to their time on the streets. Sarah made inquiries from the neighbors about the cats and learned that they were left behind at a rental property after the tenants vacated the premises. This explains why Angus and Midnight were incredibly sociable; they had owners before.

Sarah was informed by her neighbors that Angus and Midnight were always together, day and night, curled up on the front porch of the rental house. Despite being left behind by their family, they found comfort in each other’s company. It was sad to hear that these two lovely boys were suffering through the harsh winter and summer, hungry and alone. Sarah felt heartbroken knowing that someone abandoned them. However, things took a positive turn when Sarah and her husband arrived. They rescued the brothers who were in dire need of care and attention.

Angus and Midnight’s long-awaited reunion confirmed Sarah’s doubts. These two furry friends had been pining for each other all this time! Sarah couldn’t help but feel overjoyed seeing them together once again. She knew that they belonged as a pair and were ready for adoption. No matter how long it took, Sarah was determined to find a loving home that would take them both. After all, these two were meant to be together forever!

Angus and Midnight are currently seeking a loving family to call their own. These two brothers are affectionate and enjoy snuggling up with their human companions. Sarah, who is caring for them, describes Angus as a lap cat who adores being held and petted. In contrast, Midnight enjoys indulging in treats and expressing himself through meows. Although it may be difficult to find a home willing to take in two adult cats, Sarah believes that it’s worth the wait for these inseparable siblings to find a forever home where their bond will be appreciated and cherished. After everything they have endured together, Angus and Midnight deserve nothing less.

UPDATE: A Happy Ending
Angus and Midnight have finally found their forever family, thanks to Sarah who rescued them. Although they received multiple applications for individual adoption, Sarah patiently waited for the perfect family who would adopt them as a pair. Now, they spend their days cuddling and receiving love from their new family. It’s heartwarming to see them living the life they deserve after all they’ve gone through.
Sarah Richardson is an amazing rescuer who specializes in taking care of elderly and adult cats with special needs. Without her, Angus and Midnight would have been left on the streets to fend for themselves. She is dedicated to rescuing cats that are usually turned down by other rescuers. Sarah’s rescue missions are entirely self-funded, and she relies on the donations from kind-hearted individuals in the community. If you want to help, you can donate food or supplies directly to her through her Amazon wishlist. With your contribution, you can make a difference in the lives of neglected cats. Follow Sarah on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on her latest rescue missions. Don’t forget to subscribe to receive the best cat stories directly in your mailbox!

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