From Stray to Snuggly Sidekick: The Story of a Feline’s Journey to Indoor Bliss

A tiny orange feline made its way into a foster home at a very young age, requiring bottle-feeding. Jessie, who volunteers at the NZ SPCA, took in the kitten when it was just under two weeks old. According to Jessie, the kitten was discovered wandering alone in a backyard.

The little tabby kitten known as Deli Department had a whole lot of attitude. Despite his tiny size, he was bold and embodied the fearlessness of a lion. From a very young age, he showed an impressive level of confidence and assertiveness. He ate with gusto, purred loudly, and was always ready for a good fight. But even though he was tough, he still had a soft side and enjoyed cuddles – but only when he felt like it.

Giving Deli his meal was always a rush as he demanded to have it on the spot. His growth rate was rather impressive and he excelled in all aspects of being a kitten. Deli was an incredible eater and could nap with the best of them. Jessie made sure he had a roomy kitten pen, but Deli preferred to be near his humans and would often cuddle on their laps or shoulders. Even at a young age, he became an expert at staring.

As soon as Deli was ready to try eating on his own, he rose to the challenge with enthusiasm. According to his caregiver, “He attacked that food/milk mixture like it was the most important thing in the world.” Jessie had prepared some backup bottles just in case, but Deli proved to be a natural at transitioning to solid food. He aced the task effortlessly.

To be honest, I believe that this feline was a natural leader wherever he roamed. He didn’t seem to have any concerns or anxiety. Even now, he’s still carefree,” Jessie shared with Love Meow. As soon as Deli regained his footing, he let loose his boundless energy and began to run and investigate. His exuberant character shone bright. “He possesses a lot of spunk and liveliness. He’s speedy and can leap incredibly high. He adores playing with children.”

As soon as the little guy was old enough to meet Widdle, the resident cat, he was mesmerized by the sight of another orange tabby. He even allowed some roughhousing and an unexpected butt sniff. Since then, he has found that a pile of freshly washed clothes is the perfect place to nap, and he has developed a talent for overseeing his humans with a piercing gaze.

The tiny orange tabby cat is always up to something and never holds back in his mischievous antics. He finds joy in lounging on the kitchen floor, staring at his human companions while swishing his tail like a sulky teenager. Deli spends his days contentedly purring away, secure in the knowledge that he is adored.

From the time Deli was a little kitten, he had a strong desire to have a space that he could call his own. Even as a bottle-fed baby, he showed an unwavering determination to live and flourish independently. Today, as a lively and content young cat, he eagerly anticipates finding his forever home and embarking on a bright future ahead.

“Jessie expressed her delight in having a charming and humorous little orange in her life. Deli, the adorable cat, has transformed into a charismatic gentleman with an endearing persona that touches everyone’s heart.”

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