Feel-Good Story: Adorable Kitten with Four Ears Captivates Global Audience

During summer in Ankara, Turkey, a family stumbled upon a group of grey kittens in their backyard. Although they appeared to be regular kittens at first, the family soon realized that one of them was quite unusual. Curious to know more about this one-of-a-kind kitten? Keep reading to find out!

@midas_x24 posted a story about an extraordinary kitten on their social media account. According to the post, a family discovered a kitten with an additional pair of ears among a litter in their backyard. This unusual sight left the family amazed and bewildered. Despite the kitten’s unique feature, the family realized that the feline deserved a loving home among its siblings. Hence, they sought help from their acquaintances to find the right owner for the exceptional kitten.

@midx_x24 shared a heartwarming story about a kitten with a unique feature that was lucky enough to find a loving home. When the family posted about the kitten that had four ears, Canis Dosemeci responded and wanted to see the kitten. As soon as she laid eyes on the adorable feline, her heart melted and she knew she had to adopt it. Canis understood that a kitten with such an unusual characteristic might have trouble finding a suitable home or could end up in the wrong hands. It was definitely the best decision for both the kitten and its new owner.

According to The Huffington Post, Canis expressed that they had no intention of purchasing a cat, but rather wished to rescue one from the streets and give them a forever home. After bringing the kitten home, Canis decided to name her Midas, after the Greek mythological king who turned everything he touched into gold but was cursed with donkey ears by the god, Apollo. Despite the negative connotations associated with Midas’s ears, for the kitten, they are regarded as a symbol of pride.

@midas_x24 shared a story about her cat’s health check visit to the vet with Canis. They were hoping to learn more about Midas’s unique ears. The vet discovered that Midas doesn’t have four proper ears. Instead, she has two regular ear canals and two smaller flaps in front of each ear. Although these flaps make her look like she has four ears, they are not functional ears like a regular cat. A genetic mutation is responsible for this unusual feature.

Cannis was concerned about the impact of Midas’s additional ear flaps on her well-being. Thankfully, the veterinarians determined that Midas was healthy and her extra flaps did not appear to cause any problems. Although Midas does not possess superhuman hearing, she is not experiencing any discomfort. After receiving the good news about Midas’s health, Canis introduced her new kitten to her resident dog and cat. The four-eared darling quickly bonded with her new roommates.

Midas and her furry companions have a great relationship – Canis even thinks that Midas is one of the silliest and most amiable cats she’s ever encountered! To spread the joy of Midas’ delightful personality, Canis created an Instagram account dedicated to her. On this page, Canis shared pictures and videos of Midas playing with toys and even giving her dog sibling a smooch on the nose. As a result, numerous individuals from all over the globe were able to witness and appreciate the cuteness of this unique four-eared kitten!

Midas, the cute kitten, has amassed a whopping 125,000 followers from different parts of the globe in just under two months. Her fans are encouraged to give animals with unconventional appearances, such as Midas, a chance. To keep up with this adorable feline, simply follow her on Instagram.

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