Proud Papa Stands By His Decision to Let Toddler Snooze Alongside Beloved Pit Bull Pal

The pit bull breed has been subjected to unfair biases more than any other type of dog. The common misconception about them being naturally violent and aggressive is a myth. It’s a known fact that the environment and upbringing of dogs greatly affect their behavior, and pit bulls are no exception. Many pit bulls that grow up in loving homes as pets are friendly towards both humans and other animals.

Despite their negative portrayal, the breed has faced numerous challenges including their involvement in unlawful dog fighting activities and their struggle with finding forever homes. Sadly, they are commonly found in animal shelters. Recently, a father who defended his bond with his pit bulls faced backlash for allowing them to be around his child. However, he courageously defended them and tried to disprove the accusations.

Jarad Derochey is the owner of MVP Kennels, a breeding facility for American Bully dogs. In spite of their unfavorable reputation, Derochey firmly believes that pit bulls are great companions. He showcases his perspective through his Instagram posts which depict the happy and pleasant demeanor of these dogs.

Because of his unwavering confidence in his dogs, he allows them to interact with his young kids without any hesitation. Jarad has proven that pit bulls can be gentle and loving towards children, despite the skepticism of those who oppose the breed.

Although most people found the photos adorable, a few criticized Jarad for jeopardizing his son’s safety by allowing him to sleep beside a pit bull. However, Jarad defended himself and his pets by asserting that his pit bulls were affectionate and nurturing, and would never harm his children. He also expressed his desire that these treasured photos and videos would alter people’s assumptions about the breed.

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