Touching Story: Feline Besties Melt Hearts as They Refuse to Part Ways, Dreaming of a Joint Forever Home

Introducing the lovely duo, Tommy and Mary! Currently residing in Sherwood, Arkansas, they are patiently waiting for their forever home. This inseparable pair has been through numerous hardships together, making their bond even stronger. With Christmas around the corner, all they desire is a caring family that will welcome both of them into their hearts and home. Their foster mother, Sarah, shares their heartwarming story below.

A Bumpy Beginning
I got the chance to meet Tommy and Mary when I joined the team at Community Cats of Central Arkansas, a non-profit cat rescue organization. Tommy’s arrival in June was quite distressing as he had been hit by a car. He had to undergo a full leg and hip amputation and receive a blood transfusion too. On top of that, his other legs were also damaged, making his recuperation all the more daunting. Despite his condition, Tommy always had an eagerness to play, but he was understandably apprehensive of other cats.

Soon after, I welcomed Mary into my home, having found her at a nearby shelter. Though she was also hurt, her injuries weren’t as severe as Tommy’s. To my surprise, she and Tommy clicked immediately! Despite not being fond of other felines, the two became the best of friends and have been inseparable ever since. It’s almost as if they made a pact to never leave one another’s side – they’re truly a bonded pair.

Can you describe the personalities of Tommy and Mary?
Tommy and Mary possess a lively and exuberant temperament. They find delight in their cat towers, scratching boards, and snuggles on our bed. One of their favorite activities is sitting on the windowsill and watching birds. At the end of an eventful day filled with playtime and delectable treats, they cozily curl up together for a well-deserved nap. It brings me immense joy to witness their happy existence after overcoming numerous obstacles. Mary came into Tommy’s life when he needed a companion the most. Together, they provided each other with affection and encouragement throughout their recovery journey, forging a profound connection.

In what ways have Tommy and Mary influenced your life? These two feline friends have had a significant influence on our rescue group. Through their experiences, I’ve learned a great deal about the resilience of cats. When Tommy was brought to the emergency room, he was on the brink of death. However, after six months of care and support, he has made an incredible recovery and is now stronger than ever before.

He showed me the importance of having patience and dedicating extra time when rescuing a cat, despite their uncertain prognosis. Despite initial doubts that he would ever regain mobility, with consistent encouragement and rehabilitation, he defied all odds and made an incredible recovery! Alongside him throughout his journey has been his loyal companion, Sweet Mary, who has provided unwavering support. Their bond is so strong that they become visibly distraught whenever they are separated. If you’re considering adopting, please keep in mind that Tommy and Mary are a package deal – they must be adopted together. While it’s already challenging enough to find someone willing to take on a 3-legged cat like Tommy, it’s proven even more difficult to find a forever home for both of them.

Tommy, the three-legged cutie, is surprisingly self-sufficient and doesn’t require any special attention. Despite his physical limitation, he can move around and handle his bathroom needs independently. Additionally, Tommy shares his age and good health with his furry friend Mary – both of them are around 1.5 years old and have undergone spaying/neutering procedures and received proper medical care. Although they both love human company, they are not fond of other animals due to their fearfulness. Therefore, a pet-free household would be the perfect fit for this dynamic duo. If you’re looking for affectionate pets to add to your family, Tommy and Mary will surely bring joy and happiness into your home.

When you wake up every morning, these furry creatures will greet you with a smile. After a long day at work, they’ll be there to play and entertain you. All they need is a chance to make your life better! You can find Tommy and Mary in Sherwood, Arkansas, and by sharing their story, you can help them find their forever home. If you’re interested in adopting them, simply click the link to fill out an application. For any questions, feel free to message Community Cats of Central AR on Facebook. To learn more about Tommy’s story, click here. Let’s give these adorable pets the happy ending they deserve!

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