Gas station workers save a severely injured puppy and make him their top employee of the year

A dog named Matute, who had a difficult past of scavenging for food on the streets and sleeping in dangerous roadways, has found new employment at a petrol station. Matute’s life took a positive turn when he was rescued by a kind person in Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil after being hit by a car.

In March 2022, a series of events occurred that brought the community together to support an individual. Specifically, the workers at a gas station went above and beyond to show their support. Despite the challenges faced, the person in question has remained a loyal employee of the gas station.

Good news! Matute’s rehabilitation is going well and he’s even received his first outfit, a service station uniform, as part of an advertising campaign. Matute seems to be enjoying his newfound fame on social media, where he has his own accounts. It’s likely that the gas station staff is behind the social media updates for the rescued pup.

One of the employees shared that some individuals might feel frightened upon seeing Matute because of the marks on his face. However, there’s no need to be concerned since he doesn’t feel any pain in those areas despite not growing fur anymore. These scars are apparent on Matute’s body as seen on his Instagram page, which resulted from his past life on the streets. The staff at the location where he was brought to by a kind-hearted young man commended and applauded his efforts.

Without his help, Hooch may not have survived on the pavement. Matute was given a second opportunity, something that every individual should have.

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